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When and Where
The next show is on Sunday 5th August, 2018 on the land adjacent to Barleylands, in Essex. Visit our How to get there page for maps and more information on travel and entry prices.

There are three arenas at the show - Main, Driving and Ridden - and around the arenas you will find a large selection of trade and craft stands with lots of places to eat and drink. See the horses, handlers and riders get dressed up in their finery. There are also lots of trade and craft stands as well as classic cars on display.

Main arena highlights
The Mare and Foal Class is always popular. The Young Handlers class gives handlers aged 13 to 18 a chance to show off their skills. The turnout classes include Brewery Dray, Wagons and Tip Carts.

Take a trip back in time to see the magnificent coaches and teams decked out in period costume at the Coaching Marathon. See them at 11am in the main arena, they then leave the showground for a drive around the local area and return to the main arena at 12.30 for final judging.

Donít miss the parade of hounds from a local hunt and the vintage vehicles followed by a parade of all the heavy horse class winners.

Driving arena highlights
Private driving focuses on traditional turnout with judging requirements varying according to class. The classes available include exercise vehicle, pleasure driving, open private driving, light-trade turnout. The light trade turnout class comprises a combination suitable for a tradesman who delivers light goods; appropriate traditional turnout is of vital importance in this class. The Hackney pony and horse is an elegant high stepping carriage horse. Hackneys possess good stamina, and are capable of trotting at high speed for extended periods of time.

Whilst the driving judges have some lunch there will be a ridden Concours d'elegance to be judged on the overall picture of elegance presented by horse/pony and rider including appearance. The winner is the horse or pony the judge would most like a painting of over their fireplace.

Ridden arena highlights
There are lots of ridden showing and in hand showing classes. There is something for everyone to compete in from veteran, Side saddle, Hunters, childrenís ponies to Mountain and Moorland classes. It means youíre competing against the same breed, similar animals or riders at the same level.

How to enter
There are In-hand, Driven and Ridden Classes, and you can enter these classes online via the Schedule page. Applications close on 15th July.

How to book a trade stand
Please click here to download, print and fill in our application form for a Trade Stand. Applications close on 15th July.

How to enter your classic car
Please click here to download, print and fill in our application form for your classic vehicle, before 15th July.

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